Anonymous asked: could you do Jonas Brothers Or Demi Lovato Please?

Sure! It’ll be up in a bit. :)

tuneasoldasong asked: Love your blog x

Thanks! That means a lot :)

Request: Chuck

allatonceitleavesyoubreathless asked: do you have any Chuck (from NBC) gifs?

gotcha! comin’ right up

Anonymous asked: Jonas Brothers and or Demi Lovato

nigga how bout you ask nicely SHIT

i don’t take demands

Request: Pushing Daisies

luisincho asked: do you have any pushing daisies? thanks


It’ll be up soon.

Request: Kurt Hummel (Glee)

Anonymous asked: Do you have any more Glee related Gifs?

moreso reguarding Kurt?


Coming right up!

alicedraper asked: if you wall-to-wall me & mari
you'd see

Haha I don’t know who that is, sowwies :(