When I’m at my parents’ house, and my mom yells at me to clean my room


I’m just like,

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irrelevantexperimentation asked: What is the Joseph Gordon-Levitt GIF from November 10, 2010 taken from?? :o

It’s from a movie called Mysterious Skin.

thatsalotofmyblood-deactivated2 asked: Hi! I was wondering if you would upload some GIFs of Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher from the Uncharted series on PS3? :)

You know what? I just might do this one because it was an interesting request (and my brothers love the Uncharted series). I’ll work on it sometime next week!

Anonymous asked: Y U NO POST MOAR :(

I just made up for it! :)



crying.gif part two!

st. vincent

i started making gifs again!

lizlenin asked: following you because you're from toronto. what's your fav thing about this city?!

Sorry I didn’t answer this earlier! My absolute favourite thing about Toronto is the restaurants. There are so many amazing places to eat here. 

The people are also really great. We have a similar downtown feel as New York but we still maintain our Canadian hospitality. I love this city.

As Drake previously tweeted, “Toronto is truly the greatest place on this Earth.”

giadaharding asked: I totally love your tumblr!!!!! :)

thanks :)