i ain’t got no type
bad bitches is the only thing that i like


Anonymous asked: why did u call a rude anon "nigga" like thats offensive so can u not? just because theyre rude doesnt mean theyre coloured.

i’m 90% sure ur white so sit down honey.

i apologize to my black followers for colloquially using the term.


That awkward moment when your outfit matches the bathroom decor.

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Anonymous asked: facepalm

comin right up!


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Someone unfollowed me?

I wasn’t following him/her anyways.

when u see a white girl in her uggs and north face jacket carrying starbucks and humming to taylor swift


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Anonymous asked: what episode was the one where kristen wiig was crying in the snl audience?

I believe that’s the one where she impersonates that girl in the audience crying for Sanjaya from American Idol